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Salon Professionals: What do you want your future to look like on the other side of this pandemic

What does our future look like? Let me start by introducing you to Aqua salon and spa and who we are as a company and as a culture. 

The last several years the beauty industry has leaned towards more salon professionals renting space as opposed to working for a salon. There’s many reasons why. Like many of you, I myself as a stylist, have been a renter and an owner. 

Let me share my journey on how Aqua salon and spa was born.  Hi, my name is Brenda Dimon.  I am the proud owner of Aqua salon and spa,  23 years ago I owned a home town type salon. I have learned lot from that salon, what worked and more importantly what didn’t. 

After closing, I agreed to work for and manage a salon and spa for 1 year. This is where I learned the most. I learned what culture really meant.  I mean to its core; the strong connection of like minded individuals that at the end of the day support each other. I then went on to rent, before opening Aqua salon and spa. 

This leads me to the culture at Aqua. Together with Lindsay List, our salon manager, when we decided to open, the most important thing to us was an environment that helped grow salon professionals to the best of their ability. A culture that was strong, like minded, driven, and a loving group of individuals that surpasses anyone's expectations.  A place that is your home away from home.  A place where you're valued, appreciated and supported.  We feel that the salon professionals that work for our company are the most important guests in the building. 

Who we are as a Salon company.  Aqua salon and spa follows the Summit Salon Business program, to provide the environment for you to grow your business behind the chair or in the spa room.

Do we offer benefits?  We offer paid vacation, simple IRA, a Christmas bonus, 50% of education paid, as well as fun incentives each quarter. A blow dryer, brushes, combs and clips are provided.  We also provide business cards and referral cards, helping you support your talent.  You also have opportunities to earn achievable retail commission with each paycheck. 

If you have wondered during this time of uncertainty, if there is a salon and spa company that ensures a supportive, caring environment where you can make a living, I’m here to tell you it does exist here at Aqua salon and spa. 

                               So what does our future look like?  It looks like whatever we want it to be.

                                       Email for a confidential conversation; you won’t be disappointed.


We look forward to meeting you!

Lindsay List and Brenda Dimon