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our mission

AQUA Salon & Spa is intended to be a complete safe space for relaxation and pampering. Our mantra is that there is "always yes", so when calling to make an appointment you will very rarely hear "no." In addition, our salon and spa are built on talent, experience, and community. You will find that AQUA Salon & Spa, kindness and familiarity are some of our top priorities and qualities.  It is a home to all of us, with warm professionalism at every chair.     


Our salon

AQUA was opened by Brenda Dimon in 2016. Her daughter Torrie is a stylist here, as well. That sense of family is what threads the salon together so seamlessly and makes our guests feel so comfortable, relaxed, and trusting.

In addition, we are tightly committed to the best service from the minute you walk in the door, to the moment you sit down for your appointment. We are 100% dedicated to the highest quality of service, product, and experience. At AQUA, guests come first. Always.


our staff

BRENDA Dimon is the owner of AQUA. She has been in the business of beauty for over 30 years and is a master colorist. She traveled throughout the country, as well as Denmark and Canada, teaching color for a European Company. Her generosity shines brightly through her willingness to share and teach her craft to others, including her own guests. Her dedication to this business is contagious and immense, as all of our service providers will go above and beyond to make sure you get an appointment, even on their days off, and leave your appointment feeling satisfied. Brenda is a gift to this industry, and to our community, adding only positive experiences. She continues to set the standard for hair color and design. Brenda is a level 4 stylist.

"Hair color is my passion--creating a look for guests that looks and feels beautiful."

LINDSAY List is the salon & spa manager and has been in the industry for 11 years. Her presence in the salon is felt in a quiet, yet powerful way led by her comforting and very caring disposition. She is always willing to resolve an issue. Lindsay continues to improve our well-founded relationships with our guests everyday, simply by her work as an aesthetician, in addition to her manners as a leader. With a strong background in education, she is naturally inclined to better herself as frequently as possible as an aesthetician and manager. Her passion is to educate her clients about their skin and enhance their natural beauty. Lindsay is a level 3 service provider.

"Your beauty is my inspiration!"

TORRIE Dimon has been working as a hairdresser for 5 years. She is often the light of the salon, with her cheerful disposition and love for her guests.  She specializes in blonding, balayage, ombre/sombre, and Brazilian blowouts. It is very solemn a guest leaves without a glowing smile after having seen Torrie. She is an incredible stylist and colorist, with an attitude to match. Torrie is a level 3 stylist.  

ILONA Kopacsi is one of the hardest working stylists in Rhode Island. She has been doing hair since 2012 and has very clearly found her passion. Ilona has obtained a plethora of certifications during her 7 years as a stylist, including, Brazilian blowouts, keratin concepts, keratin complex, and extensions. She is particularly passionate about coloring, highlights, and balayage, as it gives her the opportunity to create a unique style to compliment each client individually. Ilona is especially talented with coarse and curly hair, but is highly adept with any project presented. Ilona is a level 3 stylist.

KAT Levin is recently graduated from The Paul Mitchell School of Rhode Island. Her propensity for beginning her career is apparent in her close mentoring relationship with Brenda, our owner. Kat is incredibly passionate about all things involving hair, but especially design and cutting. In her off time, she works on building her clientele and perfecting her art. Kat is a new stylist, but in no way is she a spring chicken! She is certified in Brazilian blowouts, as well as facial waxing. Kat is a level 1 stylist.

RACHEL Mainor is one of AQUA's newest and brightest additions! Her skills as a nail technician are evident on her nails alone. She has been licensed since April 2018, but has been a longtime lover of nails and nail design. Her passion goes beyond the outlines of the job, as she loves to use her affinity to create new nail art. In her own words, "she enjoys her job to the fullest," especially giving massages during pedicures. Her aim is to please. She is a proud Aunt to her niece, and mother to her cat. Rachel is a level 2 service provider.